[mortal kombat fire and ice]Mortal Kombat Fan Shows Off Incredible Kitana Cosplay With Steel Fans and Fire


  A cosplayer takes a Mortal Kombat’s Kitana to an entirely new level in a stellar set, using real fire as an effect to sell the shot.

  By Cameron Corliss

  Published Jun 22, 2021



  The cosplay community is one of the most prevalent on the internet, and certainly one of the most impressive. It’s not uncommon to see fans craft movie-quality outfits to prove their love for a franchise, be it a movie, video game, or some other medium. As with anything, some cosplayers stand a cut above the rest, including veteran cosplayer Katy DeCobray, who recently showed off an incredible cosplay of?Mortal Kombat’s?Kitana.

  DeCobray’s cosplay integrated an impressive suite of effects to create two distinct images. The first has an ice theme, with blue hues as a sort of water element to contrast with the second image, which uses real fire as an effect to create a visually appealing backdrop. The cosplay mostly speaks for itself, with DeCobray nailing the outfit that is common in many depictions of Kitana.

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  According to DeCobray, this is her first time working with real fire for a shoot. In the past, DeCobray has recreated versions of other popular characters from both inside and out of?Mortal Kombat’s roster. While there are plenty of standout examples, Catwoman and? Wonder Woman are two of the cosplayers more recent works, which seem to have garnered a decent bit of attention.



  Instadavew killed this concept and I died when I saw how good the photos were!

  #mortalkombat #mortalkombatcosplay pic.twitter.com/fEuFXT2fXU

  — Katy DeCobray (@katydecobray) May 31, 2021


  First time working with actual fire for a photo shoot! So scary but so much fun!


  Photo by Dave Worden Photography

  #mortalkombat #mortalkombatcosplay #kitana #kitanacosplay pic.twitter.com/a1EwU4qIRW

  — Katy DeCobray (@katydecobray) June 7, 2021

  Kitana is one of the most popular?Mortal Kombat?characters out there, so it certainly isn’t unusual to see someone tackle a cosplay version of her. In fact,?Mortal Kombat?cosplays, in general, seem to be on the rise thanks to the popularity of?Mortal Kombat 11?and the recent film based on the franchise, both of which have proven to be popular. Undoubtedly, more cosplays will come in the future, likely showing off other popular characters from the franchise. Perhaps DeCobray will make some, as she’s dabbled with other characters before.


  In terms of?Mortal Kombat?games themselves, it’s unclear what the future of the franchise holds right now. Rumors of new?Mortal Kombat?DLC circulate semi-regularly, but it’s also possible that something entirely new will be on the way soon. Fans have been asking for?Injustice 3?for a while,?and there are certainly a lot of ways that Netherrealm could take it.

  In the meantime, fans can keep enjoying stellar cosplays like this one, with more hopefully coming in the future. It’s always nice to see what the community has cooked up, especially when it consistently churns out quality work for fans to appreciate.


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