E3 2021: Nintendo ranks first


E3 in 2021, the online press conferences of many major manufacturers have come to an end, and all live broadcasts can be watched simultaneously on major live broadcast platforms. Today (June 17, 2021), the live data statistics website stream hatch announced the number of viewers of all manufacturers’ live shows in twitch and tubing.

E3 2021: Nintendo ranks first in the number of live viewers of manufacturers’ exhibitions

Among them, Nintendo direct and “treehouse” live viewers reached 3.1 million, ranking first. This time, Nintendo direct announced many games that attract players, including the new characters of “ultimate Nintendo chaos” and “iron fist”, another new work under development of “Galaxy warrior”, a number of new games and remakes landing in swtich, as well as the latest pictures and release year of the sequel of “rest of the wilderness” that most make players look forward to.

E3 2021: Nintendo ranks first in the number of live viewers of manufacturers’ exhibitions

This was followed by a joint exhibition of Xbox and B, with 2.3 million viewers. In addition to the release date of starry sky, the live demonstration of battlefield 2042 is also a highlight. In addition to this, there are the plot and multiplayer mode of “extreme speed: Horizon 5” and “Halo: Infinity” that players are most looking forward to, as well as the announcement of “beyond the sky 2”. It can be said that this exhibition is also very successful.

The top five were Ubisoft (third, 1.4 million), square Enix (fourth, 1.3 million) and devolver (fifth, 1.1 million). All three companies have shown some new works, but the attention of Nintendo and Xbox shows, which are constantly showing trailers, is far from enough.
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E3 2021 is over. Many new games are planned to be launched next year, and next year’s E3 show will be back offline in Los Angeles. I believe we will see more interesting works and more details of the upcoming game.

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