[EXQ REM]Glasses Factory EXQ Figure Western Tail New Terrier Overseas Limited to Bulk Bubble



  Product Name: Wanzi Glasses Factory EXQ Figure Western Tail New Sound EXCLUSIVE LINES Overseas Limited Red Bulk Bulk Bubble

  Product Brand: Wange Optical Factory

  Version Category: Composition of views

  Proportion of goods: 330cm

  Offering time: 2020.06.03

  This time, I shared the red overseas limit version of the red overseas limit version of the Xiwei Dikini series of the EXQ series of the glasses factory.This cobbled did her white clothes.This time I posted the overseas marker of Exclusive Lines overseas.I have a different color version.Red clothes are more suitable for vampire settings,Instead, there are fewer girls with white clothes.Next, open the box together.Look at this different color blow bubble.

  The box is traditional EXQ packaging,Just every face with a new red physical photo,There is an EL sign on the front of the box.This logo appears on the box that is limited to the version of Ou Mai, Lock, and Great Empty Wing Grandista.It is really strange here.After all, the price of this model will not be very high.But used a 200 yuan grade sign.

  After opening the box, it is divided into body, arms and a traditional white chassis.It has a high height to 23 cm.Look at this scenery,Red clothes are particularly conspicuous,May be the background of red skirts,The upper 360 angle uses a dark coating transition change,There is a good highlighting of the body of the clothes.

  The head carving is still the original taste.A face with a face with gold long hair,The eye map is very meticulous.Pull the mouth with red painting.Contrast dark painting,Golden long-haired painting is a bit simple,Therefore, the portrait of the hair seems to be less stereo.The shape of the hairstyle is angled with ambition that looks more plastic.The picture of the skirt is still relatively excellent.The painting is very good to highlight the three-dimensional effect.The double-layer little skirt is also very good,Point is full.There is no characteristic of the leg,Instead, the brunette stockings have graded painting transitions.The details of the socks are still good.Contrast small white shoes, there is no painting,Little white shoes look simple.

  This colorful tangue is compared to the previous white version,A little more charm,The red impact force is very strong.It is recommended to like to have a job to collect it.


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