[EA NFL]Madon Rugby 21 refreshed the Mi station low 0.3 points players: Don’t authorize EA


  EA’s “Madon Rugby 21” was officially released on August 28,Ign’s 6 points and indicated that there is no big change in new work.Recently, “Madon Rugby 21” on M stations can be said to be blown,The PC version of the user score is only 1.1 point,Xbox One is only 0.6 points,PS4 actually only 0.3 points,And the satisfaction is 10 points!




  To know,The “final survivor 2″ before being madly scored before, also has 3 M-station users at the time of sale.4 points,”Warcraft 3: Remastered” also encountered a low score when sold,But there is still 0.5 into the account,The PS4 version of “Madon Rugby 21” user score is only 0.3 points,Even the players have issued NFL not to authorize the call to EA.

  Players ask NFL not to provide an exclusive use of NFL players to EA,This is because the quality of the “Madden Rugby” game does not meet the needs of the NFL fans on the rugby game.But unfortunately,For those who want NFL to authorize EA,There is still a long time in the current contract.EA and NFL have signed a five-year licensed contract only this year.The period is from 2021 to 2026.According to the sales of the game,There is even the sixth year of choice.EA spends $ 1.5 billion,Among them, the league is 1 billion US dollars.Players $ 500 million.Given the sales of “Madden Rugby” has been good,EA may easily achieve this goal.


  Players focus on the “Madden Rugby 21” mainly focused on various BUGs and small mistakes of the game,These small mistakes have the previous works,However, until the new work still failed to resolve.The game’s “Madden ‘s Ultimate Championship” model has also been a lot of players.

  Currently,”Madden Rugby 21″ has been sold in Xboxone / PS4 / PC (Steam / Origin),Steam Standard Edition 298 yuan,Deluxe version of 398 yuan,Ultimate version 498 yuan,49% of praise is different,Chinese is not supported.

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