[hyper scape linux]Ubisoft’s Free Battle Royale Game ‘Hyper Scape’ To Release Next Month


  Just a few days back, Ubisoft moved its free-to-play Battle Royale game, Hyper Scape, to Open Beta. Players are desperately waiting for a full release of the game and it looks like the wait for Hyper Scape is finally over as the game finally has an official release date.

  Ubisoft confirmed that ‘Hyper Scape’ will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 11. Also, PC players will have access to the Open Beta of Hyper Scape until August 2. The game will then return to the PC on the official release date.

  Hyper Scape will kick off its Season 1 with the launch. The first season, called ‘The Kudos,’ will introduce a new weapon, a new hack, new limited-time game modes, a 100-tier Battle Pass, and much more.

  Hyper Scape Season 1 starts August 11!

  Our first season introduces a new weapon, a new hack, new limited-time game modes, a 100-tier Battle Pass, and more.

  Oh, and did we mention that Hyper Scape Season 1 is coming to XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4? pic.twitter.com/HneNXHfTMB

  — Hyper Scape (@HyperScapeGame) July 30, 2020

  Players who have downloaded Hyper Scape in Open Beta, will be able to carry forward their progress when the game releases.

  Other than that, Ubisoft will gift 600 Bitcrowns, Hyper Scape’s in-game currency, to players who play the game in Open Beta before August 2.

  However, if you don’t feel like playing the game in Open Beta, then you have one more way to claim the Bitcrowns for free; just watch Hyper Scape’s Crowncast-enabled Twitch stream for one hour.

  As of now, it’s hard to say how Hyper Scape will perform once it is released. Nevertheless, it is one of the biggest upcoming titles by Ubisoft so the game will most likely live up to players’ expectations.

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