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  There are many unique legendary weapons throughout Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. This guide shows players the best legendary weapons to acquire.

  By Cody Peterson

  Published Nov 09, 2020


  Shadow of War Talion Sword

  Throughout the course of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, players are able to do a wide array of different things to keep themselves busy. There are Orcs to both take control of or defeat in combat, story missions to complete, or even fortresses to conquer for themselves. One of the best things to do throughout this game though is to collect the most powerful gear in order to make Talion as strong as possible in combat.

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  It doesn’t really matter what level the player is in Shadow of War if they are still running around with substandard equipment. As they level up they should try to acquire new weapons and gear that are closer to their level to ensure that their stats are as high as possible. This is never more important than with weapons in the game, as the higher level they are then the more damage they typically deal. This guide shows players how to acquire the strongest weapons in the game.

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  Shadow of War Talion Sword

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  By far the best equipment in Shadow of War are the legendary sets. These pieces of equipment are very special as not only are they very strong, but they also acquire special abilities if players complete certain objectives. On top of this if players are able to acquire the entire set of legendary gear they will additionally acquire a bonus to their abilities as well that will make Talion that much stronger in combat. Those who want to have the best weapons in the game will want to make an effort to pursue legendary sets when they can.

  The only way to acquire legendary gear in Shadow of War is by defeating legendary orcs in combat. By killing them players will receive a legendary weapon that is equal in level to that orc. This can be a tough decision though as legendary orcs are some of the strongest in the game and a lot of the time they are almost more useful to the player alive than they are dead. In order to acquire a full set of legendary gear or a few of the weapons this is necessary though. The best idea is to try and take out legendary orcs that aren’t useful to the army or have weaknesses that make them a liability.


  Orcs in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

  The Mystic Legendary Weapons- Players will be able to acquire the Mystic Sword, Mystic Dagger, and Mystic Bow as part of this set. Each one can be obtained by killing a Legendary Mystic Orc. The Mystic Sword will also allow players to use less focus when chaining together executions, and will have an increased Critical Hit chance. If players are able to acquire four pieces of this set their dominated grunts will take 50% less damage and will wield cursed weapons.

  Terror Legendary Weapons- Players who kill Legendary Terror Orcs will be able to acquire the Terror Sword, Terror Dagger, and Terror Bow. The Terror Sword will grant melee attacks the ability to curse enemies for ten seconds after a brutal execution, and critical hits will have a chance to set enemies on fire. The Terror Bow on the other hand will give headshots the chance to curse enemies and charged shots will be able to pierce through enemies. If the player can acquire four pieces of the Terror set they will be able to instantly kill fleeing grunts by quick throwing them and recover 100 health anytime they kill a fleeing enemy.


  Warmonger Legendary Weapons- In order to acquire the Warmonger Sword, Warmonger Dagger, and Warmonger Bow players will need to kill Legendary Warmonger Orcs. None of these weapons have special abilities (the armor pieces instead have them), but there are a few solid set bonuses available. By having four pieces of the full set players will gain 50 health every time they kill an enemy on fire, and if the player is on fire themselves they will periodically explode and deal damage to everything around them. If players can pick up pick up the Warmonger Armor as their fourth set piece they will actually earn health by being on fire as well, which makes this set very useful.


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  Middle-Earth: Shadow of War can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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