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  American firm Super Evil Megacorp has launched an Early Access programme for its game Catalyst Black.

  The battleground shooter is the company’s second title, the first being Vainglory, which Super Evil Megacorp saved from being shut down earlier this year. Catalyst Black will enter Early Access on August 12th, for iOS devices only.

  First revealed in May, the upcoming shooter will feature teams of 10 and up with a variety of game modes designed to mix combat and strategy. As is the standard, players will have weapons and special abilities. However, users can also become a primal god through the use of a mask.

  Game controller support will be offered at launch. As a result, cross-play will be more efficient when it eventually gets introduced.

  Lessons learned

  ”Super Evil Megacorp has long been known for creating core experiences on mobile, and today we continue to feel like not enough innovative and enticing experiences exist in the mobile market. We wanted to take all the lessons we learnt from Vainglory and make something completely fresh from a creative and technical perspective,” said Super Evil Megacorp CEO Kristian Segerstrale.

  ”Catalyst Black will be a new kind of battleground shooter offering deep, strategic gameplay for any kind of playstyle alongside accessibility and a forward-looking multiplayer design. Our ambition for the drop-in, drop-out design is to provide immediate togetherness in our game experiences. We’re incredibly excited to launch the Early Access Secret Service program and to work with the early player base to shape the final Catalyst Black experience ahead of global launch.”

  Catalyst Black is being revealed as part of Pocket Gamer’s first ever digital showcase, LaunchPad. Make sure to read our interview with Segerstrale on why Super Evil chose to get involved with the event.

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