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  Getting a pentakill in League of Legends is one of the peak moments players can hope for in a match, but some champions are naturally set up better than others to earn more pentakills. That begs the question then of which champions get the most pentakills, a question that’s not new by any means but is worth addressing more than once as new champions release. Riot Games answered the question again in one of its last Ask Riot posts with the top pentakill champion being an unsurprising one.

  Samira gets the most pentakills out of all champions in League, a champion who released not too long ago compared to most on the roster. In the Ask Riot post, Riot kyrieFH from the insights analyst team said the data from ranked games played in Patch 11.11 showed Samira with the most pentakills followed by Master Yi and then by Katarina. If you look at who has the most pentakills compared to how many games they’re played, the winner is still Samira with the champion earning .018 pentakills per game. That’s not a lot, but someone has to be the winner, and it’s not surprising it’s Samira nor is it surprising to see Master Yi and Katarina not far behind.

  Ask Riot: Most Pentas?

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  Aside from being hyper-aggressive champions, each of those three characters have something else in common that’s no doubt a huge contributing factor to their pentakill successes. They each have mechanics built into their kit that allow them to reset abilities or at least lower their cooldowns so that they can be used more. Samira has her dash that rests on takedowns along with impressive AOE damage, Master Yi has his Alpha Strike which gets reduced cooldowns from auto attacks and his Highlander ultimate which reduces cooldowns and extends on takedowns, and Katarina’s passive reduces cooldowns upon takedown.

  Conversely, there are some champions who are about as far away from pentakill material as possible, so much so that they didn’t even get one pentakill in matches played during the sample data pulled. Soraka, Braum, Rell, and Taric, all of which are support champions who lack meaningful damage or ways of attacking frequently, had no pentakills to their names. Everyone was at least pentakill material in ARAM, however, since every single champion in the game had at least one pentakill in the stats being looked at.

  The rest of the Ask Riot post detailing pentakill facts and more can be seen here.

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