[wasteland 3 inflatable gorilla]Which Animal Crossing Character Shares Your Birthday In March?


  If you’re a March baby, you might just share a birthday with one of these Animal Crossing villagers!

  By Meg Pelliccio

  Published Feb 05, 2021



  Most of the time, people don’t like having to share their special day with anyone else. However, when it comes to the idea of sharing your birthday with an adorable Animal Crossing villager, you might just change your mind and be more than happy to do so.

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  If your birthday is in March and you’re wondering which Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager you share your birthday with, we’ve compiled a handy list so you can see exactly which villager is your birthday buddy. Will it be a villager you love or a villager you hate?


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Klaus

  Klaus is a smug bear villager who debuted in New Leaf and has a rather Roman appearance both in design, default clothing, and home decor. Klaus also has a passion for education.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Felicity

  Felicity is a popular cat villager with a peppy personality type. Felicity loves fashion and her catchphrase of “mimimi” alludes to her love of singing. She also features on the K.K. albums “I Love You” and “King K.K.”


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Biff

  Biff is a hippo villager that has been around since the beginning, but he was absent for both Wild World and City Folk. He is a jock personality type who loves fitness and will often give health tips to players.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Baabara

  Baabara is a snooty sheep villager that has appeared in every main title in the series so far. Both her name and catchphrase of “daahling” are puns on the “baa” sound associated with sheep.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Lolly

  Lolly is a very sweet tabby cat villager that has swirl-like eyes, with many fans believing these swirls to reference lollipops, much like her name.

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  Her catchphrase “bonbon” is in keeping with the?candy theme of her character.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Fauna and Louie

  Fauna is an adorably sweet deer that first debuted in New Leaf and has the normal personality type. She shares her birthday with Louie the gorilla, who is a jock personality type who unsurprisingly loves fitness.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Billy and Celia

  Billy?is a goat villager, with his name likely?referencing the term used for male goats.?This jock villager shares his birthday with Celia, a pretty eagle villager who first appeared in New Leaf. Celia has a normal personality and loves nature.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Skye

  Skye is a wolf villager who debuted with the release of New Leaf. Her design lives up to her name, as she has sky-blue fur with cloud-like detailing. She is the only wolf to have the normal personality type.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Axel

  Axel is an elephant villager with the jock personality type. He is particularly popular with Animal Crossing fans because of his cheeky grin. Unsurprisingly, he loves fitness and he has the strange catchphrase of “WHONK”.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Paula

  Paula is a bear villager that appeared in the Japanese-only?Animal Forest e+ but then didn’t reappear in the series again until the release of New Leaf.

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  Paula has a peppy personality and loves fitness.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Elise

  Elise is a villager that debuted in Wild World and she is the only monkey to have the snooty personality type. Her birthday makes her an Aries zodiac sign, and she loves fashion.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Hornsby

  Hornsby?is one of the rhino villagers, of which there are not very many, making it a rare animal type. He has a lazy personality type and has a passion for nature, so you’ll often find him strolling around the island.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Merengue

  Merengue is an adorable rhino villager and is a very popular one to have on your island. She is also one of the few villagers whose design is based on food, with her horn being an upside-down strawberry.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Dom

  Dom is one of the new villagers that debuted with the release of New Horizons. This super cute sheep villager looks like a big softie but is surprisingly a jock personality type. Dom is very playful, which is less surprising given his child-like appearance.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Cheri

  Cheri is a super cute bear cub villager with a peppy personality type. Her birthday falls on Shamrock Day, an event within the game.

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  Cheri loves fashion and make-up and will talk about both regularly with the player.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Doc

  Doc?is a rabbit villager with a blue head and body, but?orange paws and legs. Therefore,?most clothing makes it?appear as though he simply has an orange body. He is a lazy villager whose name likely references Bugs Bunny.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Julian

  Julian is technically a horse villager, but clearly, his horn makes him a unicorn. Julian is a fan-favorite in the Animal Crossing fandom.?He loves music and has the awesome catchphrase “glitter”.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Dotty

  Dotty is a black and white rabbit villager with a peppy personality type, making her super friendly, although sometimes overly dramatic. Dotty loves fashion and will often talk about clothes?and?frequent the Able Sisters’ shop.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Megan

  Megan was one of the new villagers added with the release of New Horizons?and she is?the only normal personality bear. Megan loves nature and will often be found watering flowers.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Midge

  Midge is a bird villager with a normal personality that has appeared in every main title apart from Wild World.

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  Her catchphrase?”tweedledee” is a reference to the sound of birds chirping.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Hopkins

  Hopkins is a blue rabbit villager and although he might look like?a normal animal, he is actually designed to be an inflatable based on the valve that is on the back of his head.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Judy

  Judy was one of the few new villagers added with the release of New Horizons and is an adorable little bear cub. She has a snooty personality and loves fashion.?She quickly became?a favorite amongst the Animal Crossing fandom.


  animal crossing new horizons cyrano

  Cyrano is one of the anteater villagers in the game and he has a cranky personality. His birthday makes him a Pisces, and in the animated film?Dōbutsu no Mori he was?friends with fellow-villager Cesar the gorilla.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Zucker

  Zucker is an octopus villager, the rarest animal type within the series. Zucker is a popular villager, not just because of his rarity, but because of his cute appearance that resembles the Japanese snack takoyaki.



  Molly is a very sweet duck villager that debuted in New Leaf. Molly loves nature and can often be found outside enjoying the island.

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  Her catchphrase of “quackidee” is a reference to the sound that ducks make.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Chevre

  Chevre is a goat villager that has appeared in every Animal Crossing game so far. Her normal personality makes her very friendly, which when paired with her cute appearance, makes her a firm fan favorite.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Gala

  When it comes to the pig villagers, Gala is arguably the cutest one going. This normal personality villager made her debut in City Folk and her catchphrase of “snortie” is a play on the sound that pigs make.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Anchovy

  Anchovy might not be one of the more popular villagers, but he is one of the longest-running having appeared in every main title to date. This lazy bird villager loves living a laidback lifestyle.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Bonbon

  Bonbon is a very cute peppy rabbit villager that first debuted in New Leaf. Her name is a reference to the type of sweet, which is fitting as her catchphrase is “deelish” — a play on the world delicious.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Barold

  Barold is a cub villager, one of two different kinds of bears in the game, and normally the cubs are the cuter ones. However, Barold might just be the exception to this rule. This lazy villager has an office-themed home.

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Coco

  Coco is one of the villagers that divide fans, as her gyroid-like appearance horrifies some players and delights others. This rabbit villager is the normal personality type, making her super friendly to everyone.

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