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  Since Super Mario World is already the best game in the world, it is difficult to upgrade. Still Witter Villala Created a mode that adds the impossible: Show the game at 16: 9. We are not talking about stretching the pixels here, but talking about adding more. The result is excellent! To run this, you need several things: the game ROM you have definitely created, the link for the ROM, a PSO configuration file and the BSNE-HD emulator. Everything is downloaded here.

  A complete fan of the Kollywood Golden i007, he spent 1400 hours recreating all the cards in the game in the editor of For Cry 5. You can see Results in the video. The whole thing caught my attention This caught the attention of the owners. Punishment did not last long: MGM asked Ubisoft to remove online versions and the publisher agreed. But the author has offline versions, so they will be in circulation under the hood. This is not the first time Pair MGM / EON decoming mots Golden i007 and it gets tired. MGM has done nothing to keep the license alive since the 2010 remake and the content is blocking the work of fans.

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