[Lightning Fast]Get connected to lightning-fast internet speeds with Vodacom 4U at Ballito Junction


  Vodacom 4U, located at The Ballito Junction, is here to bring you the peace of mind you want with lightning-fast internet speeds.

  It is the deal you have been waiting for and now you can connect multiple devices to the internet all at the same time without sacrificing your internet speed.

  Sweetening the deal, Vodacom said there is typically no cost for installation or activation of routers and there are a variety of capped and uncapped plans to choose from with its Vodacom Fibre 24-month, 12-month or month-to-month price plans.

  With Vodacom fibre, high-speed data is delivered to your home or business via glass cabling which is typically more stable than ADSL, which uses copper cable that is subject to damage and theft.

  Get connected and contact Vodacom 4U at 032 586 1814 or contact Divaan Mothiram at 079 863 9886.


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