A comprehensive guide to the Hades Gamma Cluster in Mass Effect ! including quest objectives and how to unlock its systems.

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Mass Effect - Hades Gamma Cluster Map with Name Labels in the Hades Gamma Cluster

The Hades Gamma Cluster is a region of space that players can explore in the first and third Mass Effect games. It’s mostly known for the shipping lane that passes through it and the subsequent activities. For example, the Quarians will occasionally set up shop there in order to make some extra credits by selling refreshments to travelers. However, these merchant ships also serve as a convenient cover for unregistered ships that wish to blend in with a crowd.

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This guide will detail everything you need to know about the Hades Gamma Cluster in the first Mass Effect game.


UNC: Asari WritingsUNC: Besieged BaseUNC: HostageUNC: Hostile TakeoverUNC: Locate Signs of BattleUNC: Missing Survey TeamUNC: Prothean Data DiscsUNC: The NegotiationUNC: Turian InsigniasUNC: Valuable Minerals

Mass Effect - Antaeus System Map with Name Labels in the Hades Gamma Cluster

There’s no prerequisite in order to unlock the Antaeus System in Mass Effect.

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First planet from the star: Ageko?(unlandable)Second?planet from the star: Edmos?(unlandable)

You’ll be able to find a gas deposit for the quest UNC: Valuable Minerals by surveying Edmos.

Third planet from the star: Ploba (unlandable)


On Ploba, surveying the surface will yield a?piece of text written by an Asari matriarch for the UNC: Asari Writings assignment.?

Fourth?planet from the star: Trebin?(landable)

Just surveying this planet from the Normandy can provide two Rare Elements for the UNC: Valuable Minerals quest. If you proceed to land on Trebin, you can find the remnants of a Turian colony for the UNC: Turian Insignias assignment. UNC: Missing Survey Team is also completed on Trebin’s surface, in which you try to figure out why we lost contact with a?survey team in this cluster.

Fifth planet from the star: Vemal (unlandable)


To get one Rare Element for the quest UNC: Valuable Minerals, you’ll need to survey Vemal.

Sixth planet from the star: Hunidor?(unlandable)

Mass Effect - Cacus System Map with Name Labels in the Hades Gamma Cluster

In the first Mass Effect, the player must reach 80% morality (either Paragon or Renegade) in order to unlock the Cacus System.

First?planet from the star: Zayarter?(unlandable)

Though Zayarter is not hospitable enough for you to land, Shepard can survey it from the Normandy and find a Heavy Metal for the UNC: Valuable Minerals assignment.?

Second?planet from the star: Chohe?(landable)

When you first arrive at Chohe and survey it, you’ll find a Heavy Metal and a Rare Element for the assignment UNC: Valuable Minerals. Then, when you land, follow the anomaly markers to find three of the Asari matriarch’s writings for the UNC: Asari Writings collection assignment. Finally, you can also complete a side quest on Chohe called UNC: Besieged Base, in which you and your squad must take out a group of biotics who have taken over a medical station on the planet, saving as many scientists as possible.


Third?planet from the star: Xamarri?(unlandable)Fourth?planet from the star: Faringor?(unlandable)

A Rare Element for the surveying assignment UNC: Valuable Minerals can be found on Faringor.

Fifth planet from the star: Treyarmus?(unlandable)

Mass Effect - Dis System Map with Name Labels in the Hades Gamma Cluster

In Mass Effect 1 the player must complete the assignment UNC: Hostile Takeover before this Dis System will become available.

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First planet from the star:?Jartar?(unlandable)Second?planet from the star:?Nearrum?(unlandable)

Surveying Nearrum from the Normandy will provide Light Metal for UNC: Valuable Minerals, an optional assignment.


Third planet from the star:?Klensal?(landable)

Simply surveying this planet will provide a Heavy Metal and a Light Metal for the UNC: Valuable Minerals assignment. However, Klensal is the only planet in this system that Shepard can land on in the Mako. On the surface, you’ll be able to find a League of One Medallion for the collection quest UNC: Locate Signs of Battle and do the side quest UNC: Hostile Takeover,?which requires you to take down a few members of a criminal cartel.

Metallic Asteroid (unlandable)

This asteroid, with a radius of approximately 94 kilometres, orbits the star between Gremar and Klensal. It’s not safe to land on but the survey will provide a Light Metal for UNC: Valuable Materials.


Fourth planet from the star:?Gremar?(unlandable)Fifth planet from the star:?Raysha?(unlandable)

There was once a turian colony on Raysha; surveying the planet will provide the insignia you need for UNC: Turian Insignias.?

Mass Effect - Farinata System Map with Name Labels in the Hades Gamma Cluster

There are no prerequisites to unlocking the Farinata System in Mass Effect.

First planet from the star:?Tunshagon?(unlandable)MSV Ontario (landable)

The MSV Ontario, probably named after the Canadian province, is a starship where biotic terrorists are holding an Alliance Chairman hostage. To complete the quest UNC: Hostage, you’ll need to board it and deal with them.

Second planet from the star:?Juntauma?(unlandable)


Though you can’t land on Juntauma to see the artifacts for yourself, it was once a Prothean planet. Surveying it provides a Prothean Data Disc for the collection assignment UNC: Prothean Data Discs.

Rocky Asteroid (unlandable)

This asteroid is one of many orbiting the Farinata star. Surveying it will yield a Rare Element for the UNC: Valuable Minerals assignment.

Third planet from the star:?Nepneu?(unlandable)

This planet contains a Rare Element that you’ll need for the surveying assignment UNC: Valuable Minerals.

Mass Effect - Plutus System Map with Name Labels in the Hades Gamma Cluster

Unlocking the Plutus System in Mass Effect 1 means you need to reach either 75% Renegade or 75% Paragon.


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First planet from the star:?Mingito?(unlandable)

Shepard won’t be able to land on this radioactive wasteland of a planet, but the survey time won’t be wasted: it provides a Rare Element for the assignment UNC: Valuable Minerals.

Second planet from the star:?Maidla?(unlandable)Third planet from the star:?Clocrolis?(unlandable)

Yet another Rare Element for UNC: Valuable Minerals is found in the Plutus system, by surveying the planet Clocrolis.

Fourth planet from the star:?Nonuel?(landable)

There are lots of things to do and explore on the planet Nonuel! First, just surveying it will provide a Light Metal and a Rare Element for the UNC: Valuable Minerals assignment. Then, once you land, you can find several collection items: a text from an Asari Matriarch for UNC: Asari Writings and a League of One Medallion for UNC: Locate Signs of Battle.?Finally, the UNC: The Negotiation assignment takes place here; it’s an assignment received from Admiral Hacket once you hit 80% Renegade, in which you must negotiate for mining rights to an Element Zero-rich asteroid.


Fifth planet from the star:?Veyaria?(unlandable)

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