[batman arkham knight riddler]Batman: Dying Is Easy’s Epic Cameos Include a Perfect RIDDLER


  The Batman: Dying Is Easy fan film has some incredible cameos, including one Riddler casting that’s absolutely perfect.

  By Renaldo Matadeen

  Published Apr 12, 2021



  WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman: Dying Is Easy, now streaming on YouTube.

  Batman: Dying Is Easy continues the series of fan films from father and son duo Sean and Aaron Schoenke for the Bat in the Sun YouTube channel. Here, Aaron portrays the?The Joker as Batman is forced to dive into a psychological interrogation with the Clown Prince of Crime when he learns?his enemy is dying of cancer. In the process, Dying Is Easy?features a number of epic cameos, including the perfect Riddler.

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  Early on, Batman rescues?a young girl, Little Alice (Chalet Brannan), from goons led by Mad Hatter (Jamie Costa). From there, Casper Van Dien,?who starred as Johnny Rico in 1997’s?Starship Troopers,?makes an appearance as Commissioner Jim Gordon, with Summer Gleeson (Jennifer Wenger) reporting on dire news: Three cops are missing and no one knows where they are.


  This leads to the Dark Knight entering Arkham Asylum with none other than rock musician Chris Daughtry,?who plays Hugo Strange. Strange grants?Batman unfettered access to Arkham Asylum. From here, it’s a carousel of rogues as he walks through in an aesthetic that feels very much like Christopher Nolan’s movies. Mr. Freeze (Mike Estes) is in his cell making what seems to be an ice-flower; Victor Zsasz (Guy Grundy), scars and all, is exercising, using his bed as weights; and soon the Caped Crusader?passes?Doug Jones as Riddler.?It’s perfect casting, as Jones’ Riddler has a creepy vibe to him, matching what he’s done in movies like 2006’s Pan’s Labyrinth, but with a more human twist. He even offers some cryptic riddles as Batman passes, laughing sinisterly.


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  There are also cameos from?Condiment King (Orion Acaba), who bites?a pickle, and Poison Ivy (Vera Bambi), who grows a rose and jokes with Harley Quinn (Amy Johnston) about how the Bat’s ignoring her — like all the men in her life — and the love letters she sent. Even Killer Croc (Lionel Washington) slams his head on the glass in rage when he sees Batman go by.

  Later on, after the Bat gets the intel from the Joker he needs regarding the cops,?he closes the case with Harvey Bullock, who is played by Michael Madsen.?It’s another great piece of casting, as Madsen matches the gruff, bitter Bullock who hates and insults Batman, but who also knows he’s necessary. Lastly, in the post-credits, the Bat meets Catwoman (Tatiana Neva) on a roof. She seems to have just committed a jewellery heist and is now looking for some intimate time.


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