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  If you’re looking for the best-looking graphics on the Xbox Series X, these are the games you want to check out.

  By Jack Pursey

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  (Left) Cars Racing in Forza Horizon 4 (Right) Mountain in Gears 5

  The one-year anniversary of the Xbox Series X?is fast approaching, and those who have managed to purchase one despite the limited supply will soon be?judging how the console has performed in its first year.

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  Although there has been some disappointment over the lack of new releases thus far, the Series X?has certainly lived up to its marketing of being the world’s most powerful console, with the current array of Series X optimized titles providing some of the best visuals available in gaming today. For anyone wanting to test the Series X’s capabilities, here are ten of the best-looking games currently available for the system.


  City shop lights from Yakuza: Like A Dragon

  With partial thanks to the series’ inclusion on Game Pass, the?Yakuza?franchise is finally getting the recognition that it deserves. The games have enthralled gamers for many years with their powerful, hard-hitting main narratives of the lives of Yakuza members while also offering that some of the most bizarre and hilarious side quests in gaming history.

  Yakuza: Like A Dragon?is the latest game in the franchise and sees the series take a shift in direction with a new protagonist. The game’s open-world looks fantastic on the Series X and makes exploring the weird and wonderful city of?Yokohama an absolute delight.


  Generally speaking, platformers don’t tend to be considered amongst the best-looking games of their respective release years. The games often provide visuals that are bright, colorful, and have a wholesome vibe to them, but they don’t tend to be vast or detailed enough to make them comparable to the environments in open-world adventures.

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  However,?Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time?features an incredible range of art designs across its multiple levels that make the platformer’s visuals competitive with games from any genre. Whether it be in N. Sanity Island,?The Sn@xx Dimension, or?Tranquillity Falls, each area looks unique, meticulously crafted, and memorable.


  Ori and Will Of The Wisps Bear

  Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time?isn’t the only platformer on this list, as Moon Studios’ critically acclaimed Metroidvania?Ori and the Will of the Wisps?also features an incredible range of visuals. The game’s forest is filled with nature-inspired beauty that enhances the?fantasy narrative and makes traversing the world and exploring new areas an enthralling experience.

  Ori and the Will of the Wisps?may look like a heart-warming adventure, though its cute characters will embark on a journey?that will almost certainly bring a tear to the eye.

  Master Chief looking up in Master Chief Collection

  Considering how synonymous the?Halo?franchise is with Xbox, it should come as no surprise that the developers of?The Master Chief Collection did everything they could to make the set of classic games look?far superior to even some of gaming’s most recent releases.

  The collection’s cutscenes are its most impressive visual feature, with games like?Halo 2?seeing their cutscenes completely reworked to look almost unrecognizable from their originals. To show off the flashy new looks, the devs included a mechanic that lets players switch between the old and new versions of a game with a touch of a button, exemplifying how much improvement has been made.


  DiRT 5 promotional art of cars racing

  Codemasters’?Dirt 5?was released in November 2020 and received a warm reception from critics, exemplified by its 81 Metascore on Xbox Series X. The game features the excellent driving mechanics that one would expect from a Codemasters game, though its incredible visuals and car models blew even some of the most optimistic fans away.

  Racing fans are very interested to see how Codemasters’ next few years are going to play out, following their acquisition from industry giants Electronic Arts.

  Dining Roon from Hitman 3

  A game about a?Hitman may not sound like the source of stunning locations, though Agent 47 is lucky enough to travel to?a range of beautiful areas to conduct his brutal murders.

  Throughout the game’s 8 hour journey, players will travel to Dubai, a quincuncial British manor, and an Argentinan hillside, among other memorable areas. As one would expect from a?Hitman?game, each location is packed with various items and objects that can be used for efficient or often ridiculous methods for killing a target.


  Hallway from Control: Ultimate Edition

  Control?was initially released in 2019 by 505 Games. The game’s development was handled by?Remedy Entertainment, who made a name for themselves with the first two?Max Payne?games before releasing critically acclaimed story-driven adventures like?Alan Wake?and?Quantum Break.

  Control?received tons of plaudits for its story, level design, and gameplay mechanics,?though many people believe that the art design was the game’s stand-out feature. The work put into the visuals didn’t go unnoticed, as the Control?won multiple end-of-year awards for its art, including Best Art Direction at The Game Awards 2019.

  Gears 5 racing through ice

  Like the aforementioned?Halo?series, the?Gears of War?franchise?is a staple of?Microsoft’s home console, so?it makes sense that Xbox Game Studios would suitably fund the series’ latest game to ensure it’s one of the best looking titles on the market.

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  Gears 5?drops the?of War?portion of the series’ name but keeps the gameplay mechanics similar to its esteemed predecessors. The game doesn’t quite reach the heights of the original trilogy, though it still manages to set a high bar for the next entry in the series, particularly from a visual standpoint.


  ac valhalla cultist hideout chest key jorvik

  The?Assassin’s Creed?franchise has become a mainstay in the open-world genre, while the last three games have seen the series transition from action-adventure to action-RPG, with clear inspiration being taken from CD Projekt Red’s?The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

  As one would expect,?Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?provides a very similar gameplay experience to its predecessors, so those who enjoyed?Origins?and?Odyssey will almost certainly enjoy?Valhalla.?Although the gameplay is very similar,?Valhalla?does see the series make improvements visually, which is a notable achievement considering how good?its predecessor looked.

  Car driving on snowy road in Forza Horizon 4

  Ever since the gaming industry originated, people have wondered whether video games will get to the stage where it’s hard to differentiate between graphics and real life.?Forza Horizon 4?received its optimized iteration on the Series X’s launch day and has removed any doubt that video games will one day look almost identical to real life.

  Although the incredible car models and beautiful British countryside visuals are?Forza Horizon 4’s main selling point, its driving mechanics are also excellent, making the game feel incredibly engrossing and immersive.

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