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  Yakuza: 10 Hidden Details You Never Noticed About Majima’s Costume

  By Erin O’Gorman

  Published Feb 27, 2021


  Goro Majima is definitely one of the more iconic characters of the Yakuza franchise, and here are fun details regarding his choice of costume.


  Goro Majima is a staple icon of the Yakuza franchise. His wild personality has made him a fan favorite, along with his iconic outfit setup. However, there are a lot of things players might have missed about the fashion composition of the Meat Grinder (and loving?personal irritant to Kiryu).

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  Not only do they reflect some of the fashion of the era in the Yakuza games, but it’s neat to see how Majima changes from his early days as the Grand manager to how he transitioned into becoming his own trademark character. Learn more about the significance of the designs behind this fears-nothing Yakuza boss and what you might have missed in gameplay.


  Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin - Majima as Okita Soji

  Majimas’s trademark appearance theme is a snake, from the silver one on his?eyepatch to the prints he wears on his clothes. However, in certain scenes of Yakuza 0, he doesn’t have the snake on his eyepatch quite yet. This is a symbol of his raw status at the time of the story because when he’s actually sporting it, he has pretty much shed his more standard?status as a Yakuza, no longer just the manager at the Grand. Snakes are such a perfect icon for Majima not because of being sketchy, but because they, like him, generally are ferocious confident predators who fear very little if anything. Like a cold-blooded reptile, he’s not afraid to snap his fangs at anyone who dares to disturb his turf.

  Yakuza Dead Souls Majima with red eyes

  Every Yakuza player (and non-ones would probably be able to guess) knows that Majima wears that eyepatch because he’s missing an eye, but how and why that gruesomely happened is very?significant to who he is. That silver snake is an icon of absolutely overcoming extreme adversity, as Majima had his eye gouged out when he basically refused to compromise his own moral beliefs. He chose to endure the pain over buckling, showing how strong he really is.


  yakuza kiwami majima coming out of manhole

  Majima’s ensemble is a representative of character fashion that became popular in Japan in the eighties and continues to be on and off.

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  Somewhat of a form of self-expression, this street fashion stems from idol culture, where printed blazers were a favorite among men. By the time Majima is seen in his iconic getup, he’s completely grown into his own Yakuza persona.

  Yakuza Kiwami 2 Majima's entrance dance

  The tattoo on his back is a Hannya, which is in lore a female demon who was transformed by jealousy. One of the most famous portrayals of a Hannya is in the play The Laughing Demon by Katsushika Hokusai, where the mistress of a royal prince becomes so jealous after the prince decides to stay loyal to his wife that she kills her out of pure rage. This made the demoness an icon of power, that whoever wore her was not to be toyed with easily or they would face the consequences. This is a big staple of Majima, as he tends to severely punish those who disobey him. Ironically, the Hannya is also a sign of protection, something he definitely needs since his job makes it easy to make enemies.


  Yakuza 4 Majima in flashback

  Hair is such a symbolic thing in many stories. One interesting detail players might have missed is that Majima doesn’t have facial hair in certain parts of Yakuza 0, in fact he doesn’t?until later on. That mustache is a sure metaphorical sign of his criminality in society because sometimes?facial hair is considered unkempt, unprofessional, nonconformist, all that jazz. Therefore it’s no surprise that someone as anti-salaryman as Majima would be sporting a fabulous mustache.

  Goro Majima outfit

  Everything Majima wears is based on a gold color scheme, from the details on his shoes to his metallic pants to the colors in his blazer and necklace. Whereas he was once dressed in plain old black and white, now he has no problem standing out.

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  In Japanese culture gold is a sign of deity power and of the sun, and we know Majima thinks of himself as high as the sun. After all, he showed no immediate fear of zombies in Yakuza Dead Souls. Players might not have noticed, but Majima also loves to match;?the silver snake on his eyepatch matches the silver on his boots and the black gloves match the black eyepatch he wears.


  Goro Majima

  There’s no super deep symbolism behind this one, but Majima’s hair is actually dyed brown in the Yakuza games that take place later on. It’s quite difficult to see except in scenes with certain light angles because hair that is naturally dark would be very hard to apply color to and have it be significantly pigmented, but it’s definitely there. If anything, it’s a symbol of Majima breaking away from tradition.

  a large back tattoo on majima in yakuza

  Beside the Hannya, there are flowers shaping Majima’s tattoo set that are actually blossoms. It’s a beautiful yet ironic contrast with the scary-looking face of the demon in the middle. What is interesting is that blossoms, like many seasonal species of flower, bloom once a year for a very short period of time before shriveling off. It’s a metaphor for the way of how Majima wants to live his life?— he knows he could be killed at any time but he would rather live in the face of glory for a short time than live a long but dull one.


  Majima's boots in Yakuza

  And that’s not just what they’ll do. Majima might be a man of fashion, but those boots don’t just serve that purpose. Those shoes are steel-toed, meaning anyone who gets kicked by them is going to be feeling it for days.

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  It’s a clever built-in surprise weapon disguised by fashion that blends right in with the composition of his chosen attire. The smart?Majima probably got the idea from working in construction where workers often wear steel-toed boots. He would never wear just off-the-shelf ones though; knowing him, the steel on those shoes is probably silver-plated and custom-made.

  Yakuza Kiwami Majima in the trash can

  Majima definitely enjoys clubbing his enemies to death, but there’s a reason he chooses to do so with, of all things, a good old-fashioned swing batter batter. Like many in Asia, he absolutely loves baseball. The sport has been quite popular in Japan for a long time and continues to be all over the world.

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