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  A new Final Fantasy inspired by Dark Souls is allegedly coming, but not a lot is known about the mysterious, rumored Final Fantasy Origin.

  By Jonathan Yelenic

  Published Jun 08, 2021


  Warrior of Light from Dissidia Final Fantasy

  Final Fantasy?isn’t just one of the longest-running video game series of all time, it’s also one of the most successful, especially now.?Final Fantasy 14?is more popular than ever, Final Fantasy 7 Remake sold well and received positive reception. With upcoming titles like?Final Fantasy 16?and the sequel to?Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the horizon,?it’s a safe bet that the series’ luck won’t run out any time soon, especially if recent rumors about a?Dark Souls-inspired?Final Fantasy?game are true.

  The word is?that a new, unannounced?game titled Final Fantasy Origin?is on its way to the PS5, and that it’s likely to take a few cues from the?iconic Dark?Souls?series.?As of yet, none of this has been confirmed by?Square Enix. However, the prospect of the series going in a new direction, Team Ninja supposedly being attached to the project, and also its possible ties to the series’ roots, have proven more than enough to get fans on board with this allegedly in-development title.

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  Warrior of Light from Dissidia Final Fantasy

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  The rumor claims?Final Fantasy Origin?will feature a setting and presumably characters inspired by the game that started it all?— the very first?Final Fantasy.?Interestingly,?Final Fantasy 1?differs from the most recent entries in the series in more ways than just its turn-based gameplay. While?Final Fantasy 7 Remake,?Final Fantasy 15,?and the?Final Fantasy 13?subseries all?feature technology ranging from modern to futuristic, the series’ debut features a more pre-industrial, medieval setting, not unlike the one seen in?Final Fantasy 16’s reveal?trailer.


  However,?it’s not known if?Origin?will simply be a rehash of the first?Final Fantasy’s?story, or if it will be a sequel, prequel, or something else altogether. It’s worth noting, however, that Square Enix hasn’t exactly been shy about remaking several of its classic titles; Final Fantasy?3?and?4 were each remade in 3D, remakes of both?Trials of Mana and?Final Fantasy 7?debuted last year, and an HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest 3?was revealed to be in development late last month.

  Should Final Fantasy Origin?prove to be a retelling of the events of?Final Fantasy 1, it’d hardly be shocking given Square Enix’s track record. The bigger surprise would?arguably be its unconventional gameplay style.


  dark souls atmosphere

  Final Fantasy Origin?is rumored to?feature?Souls-style gameplay, which would?not only be a first for the series, but also a significant departure from the original?Final Fantasy’s?turn-based?combat.

  Oddly enough, the pairing of?Final Fantasy 1’s?setting?and?Souls-inspired?gameplay?could be a rather successful one. Final Fantasy 1’s?lack of?a defined main character, like?Final Fantasy 7’s?Cloud or?Final Fantasy 8’s?Squall, is also a trait seen in virtually every?Soulsborne?game, barring?Sekiro.?Demon’s Souls,?Dark Souls, and?Bloodborne?notably asks players to select a class and customize a character at the beginning of each game. It’s easy to imagine?Final Fantasy Origin?implementing a similar system for its four Warriors of Light.


  However, while?Origin?may take after the?Souls?series, it’s not likely to be a carbon copy. Leaker SoulsHunt has indicated that the game could provide a similar offering to?Jedi: Fallen Order, which certainly has the bones of a?Souls?game, but?is fleshed out with significantly different gameplay mechanics. It’s possible that?Final Fantasy Origin?could differentiate itself from other?Souls?games by focusing on what makes?Final Fantasy?unique.

  For example, magic has always been a skill critical to success in most?Final Fantasy?games, but it’s more or less an afterthought in some?Soulsborne?games; it’s easy to imagine?Final Fantasy Origin?making magic builds more viable and versatile than they are in other?Soulsborne?titles as a way to stand out from the competition.


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  Nioh 2 Promo Art

  Final Fantasy Origin?is allegedly being developed by Team Ninja, which could be a pretty good sign. The developer has extensive experience creating high-quality third-person action games such as the?Ninja Gaiden?series, and more recently?Nioh 1?and Nioh?2, which take after?Soulsborne?games themselves. But even?beyond the developer’s expertise with Soulslikes, Team Ninja has another quality that could make it the perfect candidate to deliver a new type of?Final Fantasy.?

  Team Ninja’s resume includes titles such as?Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors, Metroid: Other M, as well as?the aforementioned?Ninja Gaiden?series. Collectively, these games have one key element in common: They’re all unique takes on the franchises they’re a part of.?Hyrule Warriors?and Fire Emblem Warriors?offer action-packed gameplay the likes of which have never been seen in either respective series.?Ninja Gaiden’s?jump to 3D added a new dimension to its gameplay while retaining its gut-busting difficulty. Lastly,?Metroid: Other M?tried to creatively mesh together elements of new and old?Metroid?games.


  Additionally, this wouldn’t be the developer’s first rodeo with the?Final Fantasy?series. Team Ninja previously created?Dissidia Final Fantasy NT,?a 3D three-on-three fighting game that incorporated elements across nearly the entire Final Fantasy?franchise.?Dissidia?is arguably a larger departure from the series’ roots than?Final Fantasy Origin’s?rumored direction, and while it might not have been the most successful?Final Fantasy?spinoff, it’s yet another example of Team Ninja’s?commitment to providing new experiences utilizing familiar characters and settings, which sounds exactly like what?Final Fantasy Origins will do, should the rumors come to fruition.


  Fortunately, fans of?Final Fantasy?probably won’t have to wait too much longer for clarity on?this alleged title, as it’s?believed that this new Final Fantasy?will be announced at E3. However, it’s important to note that any rumors regarding?Final Fantasy Origin,?including the question of its existence,?should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed by Square Enix. Those interested should keep an eye on Square Enix’s upcoming E3 conference on June 13?for any possible updates, but fans should remember to temper their expectations, as to not be too disappointed should the rumor prove to be a false lead.


  Final Fantasy Origin?is rumored to be in development for the PlayStation 5.

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