[cheetay]Celebrating Eid the Right Way: MoltyFoam and Cheetay Join Hands!



  Master MoltyFoam stands tall as one of the few local brands recognized country-wide for its distinctive and heartwarming campaigns. From Bill-beds to women empowerment to launching Pakistan’s first posture correction app for kids; Master MoltyFoam has run some of the most heartwarming campaigns for the masses.?

  This Eid, Master MoltyFoam, and Cheetay?decided to run a unique campaign for the resilient riders of cheetay.pk. The goal is to honour the silent heroes that rarely get the acknowledgement they deserve. The way these riders are working tirelessly to serve the nation, even in Ramadan, no matter who cruel the weather and circumstances are being to them, is commendable, to say the least.?

  Upon requesting a word from Master MoltyFoam, they added,?

  “Our ideology is deeply rooted on the foundation of helping the individuals, especially the ones who need it the most. This time, we have chosen to honour the delivery boys, the riders of Cheetay.pk. Through this campaign, we will present them special Eid gifts and ration packages so they can have a memorable Eid with their families. We feel that their dedication goes unnoticed, they rarely get the attention and acknowledgement they deserve. So, this is our way to play a role in making their Eid, a blessed one!”

  This thoughtful collaboration is a toast to each one of these warriors, these essential workers that made the community safe by risking their own lives and delivering what is needed. Serving as a token of appreciation, the Eidi packages are specifically being offered to let these riders know that Master MoltyFoam and Cheetay. acknowledges their dedication and commitment to work. Their work and perseverance are being noticed and appreciated.?

  Kudos to These Valiant Warriors!?

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